Version 2.5.0: FFT viewer and increased customization

We’re very excited to announce a brand new version of FeatureFinder: Version 2.5.0. It has the usual mix of big additions, minor revisions, and the odd bug fix, so we’d definitely recommend giving it a try. Download a copy, free as always, here. Here are a couple things to expect:

Frequency mode

Viewing the frequency spectra of our signals is something we’ve been keen to integrate for a while. You can now simply check an “FFT” checkbox to see the spectrum of any loaded signal. (FFT stands for “Fast Fourier Transform.”) This can be useful in many ways, including these:

  • Search your data’s spectra for frequency-specific noise, and see how well your filters reduce it;
  • Look for patterns among your data files’ spectra, and build custom features to analyze them;
  • Develop a better intuitive sense about the frequency content of your data;
  • Learn how different filters work, and the effects of their cut-off frequencies and filter orders on your data.

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