What's FeatureFinder?

Hello, researchers, students, and other signal hobbyists! FeatureFinder is a free MATLAB tool that lets you organize your signals, visually review them with speed and ease, apply filters and normalization, and export meaningful signal features in a ready-to-analyze format.

FEATURE PREVIEW The feature value for the selected file is instantly updated as settings are changed.
FFT VIEWER Quickly and easily view the frequency spectrum of any data file.
PROFILES Store the filenames and settings for each of your experiments.
FILE FINDER Unique file-finding algorithm finds all of your data files in seconds.
CUSTOMIZE Add your own filters in just a few lines of MATLAB code.
CUSTOMIZE Add your own features in just a few lines of MATLAB code.
PROCESS Processing your data differently is as easy as revising the settings and clicking "Process."
EASY BROWSING Scroll through files one-by-one, or hone in using the drop-down menus.
EXPORT DATA Not interested in signal features? Use FeatureFinder solely as a filtering tool with the export buttons.

What makes FeatureFinder really stand out is the option for you to code your own features and filters, allowing unlimited flexibility—you can literally extract any feature that you like from your data. Did we mention that it's free? Check out The Story to find out more!

Version 2.4.0: Plot tools and profile-cloning

The latest version of FeatureFinder is now out and ready to download. So, what’s new? First and foremost, we now offer a full suite of plot tools:
> Click-and-drag to move a data plot;
> Hold down “Shift” and then click-and-drag to make a “zoom box”;
> Use the arrow keys to nudge your signal in every direction;
> Hold down “Shift” and use the arrow keys to slide your plot halfway across the screen—perfect for reviewing signals at high zoom levels;

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