If you’re here, there’s a good chance that you are a researcher, and maybe you work with physiological signals too.  Perhaps you look at heart function and analyze PPG or ECG on a regular basis; perhaps it’s muscle activity and EMG; or, maybe it’s GSR/EDA and you study emotion or stress.  Whatever the data you work with, we’ve got something in common with you: visually reviewing data, filtering signals, and extracting features—and we were finding that sometimes we wanted a little more than our software packages could offer.  We wanted a faster and more intuitive approach that allowed us to navigate the data through the lens of our experimental design. We also wanted greater control over filtering and feature extraction…

So, what did we do?  A great deal of MATLAB programming!  Drawing from our combined experience, we wrote script after script to deal with data just how we wanted to.  But after a while, we found ourselves “reinventing the wheel” more and more.  So, we set out to create a multi-purpose, easy-to-use, customizable tool—FeatureFinder—that would do all we wanted, and allow us to carry out tasks from visually reviewing data to feature extraction with ease, confidence, and opportunity for customization. And here’s how it fits into our research:


Now we want to share FeatureFinder with you.  For free!  Because between running experiments, writing papers, putting together funding applications, and all the other day-to-day research tasks we do, we love the idea of coming together to do good work and openly sharing the tools to do so.  And we’re quite proud of our little program too!

Check out our Why Try? page to see how FeatureFinder could be just what you’re looking for, or the Download page to get your hands on the program.