The Team

Alexander J. Andrews – Programming and Conceptual Design

M.Sc.(Eng.), Electrical Engineering (Queen’s University); B.Sc.Eng., Engineering Physics (Queen’s University)

Alex began designing FeatureFinder with the SMART lab in 2010. After years of building custom data analysis tools at Queen’s University (School of Rehabilitation Science, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering), University of Toronto (PRISM lab), and, of course, Ryerson University (SMART lab, SAD lab), he was keen to create a general data analysis tool that was easy to use, had an intuitive file management system, and could be customized by the user. Alex is also the Founder and CEO of Ten Kettles Development, creating apps for music and education, in addition to being an active musician.

Gabe Nespoli – Webmaster and Conceptual Design

B.Sc., Psychology (McGill University)

Gabe has been supporting research in Ryerson University’s Psychology Department since 2007, continually trying to find ways of extracting meaningful data from complex experimental designs that are more efficient and easy-to-understand than this sentence. His non-FeatureFinder interests include musically-induced emotion, as both an academic research pursuit and when performing around the Toronto music scene, and repairing Rhodes pianos.

Frank Russo – Conceptual Design

Ph.D., Psychology (Queen’s University)

Frank founded the SMART (Science of Music, Auditory Research and Technology) lab at Ryerson University in 2006 to explore questions at the intersection of mind, music and technology. An insatiable interest in the influence of music on emotion led him to explore the use of a wide range of physiological signals. The experimental nature of the research and the challenges of capturing a “response” to a time-based art led him to wonder about alternative means of exploring and analyzing physiological data.

Karen Cochrane – Multimedia/Web and Communications

Student, School of Image Arts: New Media (Ryerson University)

Karen began researching for FeatureFinder in May 2012 when she began volunteering at the SMART Lab. She is in her 4th year of undergrad in the Image Arts: New Media program at Ryerson University. She is interested in integrating her two passions into her work which include music and computer programming. Other interests include graphic design, film and television, social networking, and video games. She also works periodically with indie bands and performs once in a while.

Acknowledgements and Alumni

Dane Nespoli – Logo Design
Amy Kleynhans – Documentation